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Yesterday, the AC crapped out on us for the second time this month. Since it was hovering around 100, I spent the day wringing my hands over the possibility of having to install a new furnace and wringing out my t-shirts. By 10pm, I was crabby and the kids (+1 friend) were wilted. Faced with the prospect of nursing a sweaty baby in our sweltering 2nd floor bedroom, I booked a room at the Sterling Inn. Yasuro, wonderful man that he is, opted to stay home with the dogs, the better to meet the repair tech scheduled to arrive between 8 and 12 the next morning.

A quick stop at Meijer snagged a 2$ bathing suit (score!) for our guest, 2 bottles of orange soda and a pack of Oreos. I checked in at 10:30pm, The Boy in arms, a 9 year old, a 7 year old, and a 28 month old trailing behind. The room seemed a bit dodgy but the sheets were clean. I cranked the in-room AC as high as it would go, turned on the Disney Channel and started handing out sugar. Everyone but me was fast asleep by midnight.

I lay across the end of the bed and read Alternadad till bleary eyed at 2:30, I passed out. Morning came (a bit too) quickly and we proceeded to check out, have breakfast at Tim Horton’s and return to the inn’s attached waterpark till 2:30pm today. Having 4 to keep a close eye on and entertain is exhausting but the kidlets all had a great time and the AC repair at home only cost 144$. Less than last time and not a new furnace! Woo!

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My mother in law and I were destined for one another. She may not have seen it at first but I think she’s coming around. From the proprietor of our favorite sushi/bibimbap joint telling her that she and I have a similar bearing to our mutual love of shopping – all signs point to “daughter you never had”.

If only I could speak Korean…

Today we had lunch at Steve’s Deli (Husband, Mom, the kids & I) then we went shopping at a boutique stuffed to the rafters with really cute and correspondingly expensive European children’s clothing. Thanks to Halmoni’s munificence, no one went home empty handed. I appreciate her generosity – but even more so, her happiness with constantly holding the grandson who is now approximately 1/5th of her total body weight.


paul frank skullie

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i can has milkie?

I realized that I don’t often post about my son. He is the littlest and the quietest (currently) so naturally, I have less material on him but this doesn’t mean the poor lad should be neglected so egregiously in my blogging. Here he is wearing some kitty ears and allowing himself to be photographed, good natured kid that he is:

Originally uploaded by coruskate

The Boy, or “Mr. Baby” as I often call him, is not yet 8 months old and has spent the last 2 weeks pulling himself up to stand on every object large enough to support his weight. He crawls commando-style and pushes up on his hands and knees frequently. He can sit without support but shows no interest in remaining in one place long enough to do so. He may be walking by 9 months. Woo?

I’ve been thinking lately about how different it will be to raise a son. I mean, I know all about girls. I get how female friendships work. I am both girlie and athletic, good at doing hair, nails, climbing trees and showing the correct method for cartwheels or how to select items of clothing that go (not match). However, I know little to nothing about Power Rangers, Spiderman minutiae or Underdog – though I can throw a knife so maybe I’m doing better than I thought. I guess the “father/son” dynamic becomes instrumental in teaching boys how to relate to other guys.

An immediate (and utterly trivial) concern of mine is how to dress the Boy without making him look like one of these guys. It seems like there aren’t a lot of options in little boy clothing unless you’re comfortable with your kid looking like a Lil’ Soldier, Lil’ QB, Lil’ Lumberjack or Lil’ Bro. Mostly I end up going the dinosaur route. Lil’ Science Nerd is a type I’m marginally more comfortable with. It doesn’t help that I’m allergic to t-shirts with sayings on them. I mean, I flirted with the idea of getting the Boy this hat when he was a newborn but I never actually pulled the trigger! Shit like this and this makes me itchy. Maybe I’m over-thinking? Will everything he wears as a toddler onward be so covered with dirt that it won’t even matter?

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Quelle surprise!

Mon frère m’a acheté cette belle écharpe de Hermes à Paris. That’s right – Hermes scarf! Woo!


Here I am wearing it on my head though you can use it in about a bazillion ways. I think it may also qualify as a Hitchhiker’s style towel. Froody.



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We started July with an orgy of spending. 2 iPhones, an Airport Express, KP Duty, Oilily dress, Anthropologie top, Britax car seat and Joovy Stroller. I’ve decided that I’m off commerce for the rest of the month.

I’ll get groceries, gas and diapers – you know, the essentials. We’re pretty good about not getting carry-out too often and we have too many small children to go to the movies easily. I’m making one exception for the new Harry Potter but I’ll be hitting the library for the rest of my reading needs. (Here’s hoping they’ve already ordered the new Murakami.) No surfing sites that sell shit.

I’ve got nothing against consumerism per se I just want to see if I can actually stick with it. Maybe I’ll be sleeping in a bed of cash come this time next month!

(p.s. I named my iPhone Isadora for Isadore of Seville, Patron Saint of the Internet. I was tempted to capitalize it funny but decided that would be lame. Now I just need my “White and Nerdy” ringtone!)

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